Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sheep and Lambs

I was outside in the corral with the camera the other day.
Snapped a few pictures of the lambs , sheep and llama
Mama Luna keeping guard and being watchful
Watcha lookin' at???

Little ewe lamb pauses for a pose.

California Reds posed with a couple of their friends

Baby smiling while mum eats beside him

Tired out from playing , its nap time!

Lunchtime for this group.
Off to the barn , maybe will take more pics!
From By the Hills until next time!!


Monday and Tuesday it snowed .
The flakes were HUGE!
Thats the weather report from
By the Hills ;)

Smelling like blue berries
and chocolate my tote
arrived on Wednesday March 28.

I opened the package and there it was :)

A lovely blue with brown
accented tote!

Big enough for all the *stuff* a gal would want to carry.

My partner is from Estonia, so this package has travelled a


distance to reach snowy


I looked up where exactly ESTONIA was.
Its by the baltic sea and is borded by Russia.

She also included a package of biscuits, a bar of white
chocolate with blueberries and two patterned mittens booklets.

Thank you very much to my partner for the awesome tote and

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Finished Tote

I finished the tote I have been working on.

This is my SECOND Attempt. The first one I didn't like the way the yarn was looking so it became a frogged object.

I used hand spun and hand painted yarns to create the tote.
I am happy with the way it turned out!

Close up of front
Thats it from By The Hills!

Life By The Hills

LGD's are relaxing in the sunshine after a night of guarding the flock

Shearing day
was Saturday March 10/2007

All the woolies have been trimmed
and I have SEVERAL lovely fleeces to spin and dye!

BEFORE Shearing

After Shearing

Friday March 9th 2007
saw the start of lambing season here on the farm.

This is CC, our part corridale.
She was the first to have a set of twin ewe lambs.
Both of the little girls are jet black.

Isn't that the sweetest little face??

" I just have to reach that ONE spot!!"

That's it from 'By the Hills'
I'm off to the barn to check on this mornings new lambs!
By for now

Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Members of the Sheep Flock

Yesterday started out looking like a great day to go pick up the two new ewes.

It was the day that old man winter decided to dump a snow storm on that part of the province. I was about an hour west of the manitoba border.
On the road for almost 12 hours , round trip.
Shouldnt have taken that long but with the weather acting up like it was, it did.
Apparently , the roads were closed where I was driving LOL .
It took almost double the time to drive about 125 miles?
Stayed on the road and made it home safely late evening last night.
Four wheel drive is a good thing ;)

*Baby with Catie bringing up the rear*
(they were named when I bought them)

I tried to get better picture of Catie but she seems to be camera shy

Thats it from By the Hills

Morning Visitors

This morning just as it was getting light outside we discovered we had some *visitors*

They were walking down our drive.

Two white tail deer were just about at the house.

I managed to get one picture.