Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Craft Sale on Saturday

The Kinettes Craft Sale was on Saturday.
I've been participating with a table since 2005
I don't have pictures as the camera was DEAD and the
charger is MIA!!!

The sale went well. Lots of tables with wonderful items
and lots of shoppers!

I had help by way of my daughter , Melly. She sat with me
and kept me company.
I did have friends drop by but I wasn't able to visit as much as
I would have liked too!!

I work at getting ready most of the fall and I am glad its over for this year lol

Now on to holiday stuff!

Thats it from ByTheHills!

Bye for now !

Friday, November 16, 2007


Purple is Fruit! Aka Dandy

This is a fun one! Any renovation stories?
Very fun! Go read and enter! Great stuff!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Hobby-- Pottery

I have been going to the pottery club in town (Wynyard)
Been having a blast. Playing with clay and learning new techniques.
Glazed and almost filled a kiln with a bunch of things I had created last Wednesday

I emptied the kiln this morning. It was like CHRISTMAS!!!

I brought them home today :)
Below are the pictures!

Hand formed Cream and Sugar set with white clay
White with floating blue glaze.

First drape mould soap dish on red clay.
White with Floating blue glaze.

Drape mould Chip and Dip set with white clay
Oatmeal and floating blue glaze.

Mug and Tumbler hand formed with white clay.
White with floating blue glaze.

THIS one is MOIRA's Work :)
She did a drape mould tray with red clay
The glaze is white with floating blue.

Three mugs hand formed with white clay.
Oatmeal and Floating Blue Glaze

Hand formed Cream and Sugar set in white clay
Teal with white glaze.

Hand formed canister with lid in white clay
Oatmeal with Teal glaze

Canister with Lid on

Pinch pot bowl in red clay
Oatmeal with Floating Blue Glaze.

Wheel thrown bowl with white clay
Oatmeal and Teal Glaze

Inside view

My first wheel thrown pot using red clay
Oatmeal and Floating Blue Glaze

Andrea,who is patiently is showing me the ropes of pottery, really makes it FUN!

Making pottery is really relaxing for me .
Nothing with clay is fast.
The one thing I have learned about it , is that its all about patience!

That's it from by the hills!
Bye for now :)