Monday, June 23, 2008

Pictures of the kids all dressed up

Thats it from by the hills , till next time!

Lily Chin Knitting Classes

I attended some knitting classes being taught by Lily Chin at 2008 Saskatchewan Stitches Conference.

I will post the pictures I have then will fill in the notes later!

Shearing Time By the Hills

Its inevitable that shearing must come to by the hills.
The poor woolie girls were getting so hot and uncomfortable.
Cliff Metheral , the sheep shearer arrived on Tuesday May 27th in the morning. The kids stayed home to help with the shearing.

Thankfully it wasn't that hot the day we sheared.
The sheep really enjoyed their trims!

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From by the hills
WoW Finally an UPDATE!!

Here it is for those that have been asking ;)

Winter has come and gone. Finally!
Badger is relaxing, and doing her job.
Here she is waiting for the school bus to bring back the kids
This was taken the 20th of May.

Spring brings back the birds.
We have a bird feeder hanging in front of our living room window.

This house was on its way to the Regina area May 23rd.
We stopped and briefly talked to the movers.

Thats it from by the hills ;)