Monday, June 25, 2007

New Baby!!

Yesterday morning a new baby arrived on the farm :)

One of our younger ewes had a little ewe lamb.

I weighed her and she was just under 4 lbs!

What a delicate looking little thing!
I checked her this morning and all is going well.

Will be checking her again in a few hours.

Thats it from By the Hills!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Baby Knitting

There some twins expected in Dh's family so
I have been a knitting cute little baby stuff!
I used my own pattern for the little hats and socks.
I want to make a baby sweater set as well.
Will try to post pics when I do!!
That's it for now from By The Hills!

Wynyard Sports Day

On Saturday we went to town for the sports days.

Pierce was in the school marching band for the parade.

Unfortunately the camera messed up and no pic of the band :(
I picked up some flowers for my flower beds and patio pots too!

Just a few pics of the blooms!

Just after dark , they shot off the fireworks. What a wonderful display!!

Did manage a few good pictures of those!

Thats it from by the hills

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Chicks!`

One of our bantam hens sat patiently waiting for her eggs to hatch.
Of the nine she set on , 7 hatched.

Shes very protective of them. They arent all from her own eggs.
I gave her a variety from the henhouse lol.
So 4 black striped and 3 yellow striped ones.
Most of our hens are rare breeds.

Thats it, from by the hills!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Nature's Beauty

Went for a quad ride with the kids today.
Deep into the forest.
Had a good few hours with just the kids.
Saw some awesome scenery and a bit of wild life.

Got a couple of great pictures of a wild orchid!

It's a really beautiful flower!

Close Up of the flowerIts more a red color than purple with no green at all in the plant.

Isnt it pretty??

This is a chain of small lakes in the back country.
They were formed by a glacier.

Had a great day ! Thats it from by the hills!